Copy This if You Can
Call Upon the Power of a Word Magician

I am not simply someone who can put together an attractive page layout or construct clean code.

Long before I was a graphic artist, I was a writer. I grew up writing short stories and unfinished novels. As a teen, I cranked out 80–100 songs a year, and mastered the magic of writing. In adulthood, I have written novels and nonfiction.

But it’s not simply that I am good at word play. As a web developer, I have written and edited hundreds of pages of promotional content. I understand how search engines and everyday users look for verbal structural cues.

This background scored me a Top 1% on the Elance Content Writing test.

And I have an eye for detail. That’s why Every Thought Captive magazine has entrusted me with the job of copy editor.

All of this means that I can help you communicate your message in a way that matters. Whether your content demands exuberance or stolid seriousness, my copywriting skills will create the atmosphere you need.

What I’ll Do for You
and Why You Need Me To

Enter ... Stage Write

I’ll step in whenever you need me to. I can do what it takes. If you need me to generate finished copy from rough notes, I’m up to that. Or, if you have an essentially completed piece that needs that certain something, I can step in to provide an appropriate editorial hand.

“But ... Isn’t My Writing Good Enough?”

Why do you need someone to write content for you?

Poorly-written text—weak grammar, bad spelling, feeble articulation—communicates poorly and suggests unprofessionalism. It can hinder people from taking you seriously.

Even presidents known to be great orators have employ speechwriters. Even they realize that they need to stay on message, and do so in a captivating fashion.

Solid spelling and respectable grammar aren't enough. You need someone who can help you get your message out in a way that arrests attention and welds itself into the memory.

Let me be your welder. Get in touch today.

Check Out My Writing

Download a selection of writing samples.

This PDF includes web content, fiction excerpts, and song lyrics.

Learn more about my writing by visiting Timotheos Press and Pactumbooks.