You Need Fresh Content

How do you keep users coming back to your web site?

Offer something new on an ongoing basis.

User studies have shown that web sites with fresh original content have more staying power and repeat visitors—and why not? If all you have is the same information entrenched on your site, one long visit finishes the task.

Even Google likes to see your site updated once in a while.

This hunger for fresh content, of course, is part of the reason why on-site blogs have become so popular in recent years.

I can help you keep your visitors coming back. How? By providing you the ability to keep your site content fresh.

Here's how:

  • A site maintenance package. I can provide your site with ongoing, well-formed, content updates.
  • WordPress or on-site CMS. We can set up your site during development so that you can make your own changes down the road. And don't worry: my WordPress integrations are not tweaks of generic templates. Your WordPress site will be as unique as any other design I create.

Which of these should you choose? Read the following sections to make an informed decision.

WordPress or Other CMS

Don’t settle for “bland blog syndrome!”

I have deep understanding of WordPress, and can take any web design and translate it into a WordPress template ("theme" in WordPress lingo). I can seamlessly integrate your blog or other editable pages with the rest of your (non-WordPress) site—or build your entire site upon the platform without it "looking like WordPress."

Want some recent examples? Check out these WordPress-powered sites: Sanctuary Medical Care & Consulting, The Untamed Lion, Tri-City Covenant Church, and St Mark Reformed Church.

A few benefits of deploying a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress:

  • Convenience. Ability to add or change content at any time without waiting for the web developer—and no need to learn any code.
  • Ongoing cost. For frequently-updated sites, being able to make one's own changes may result in significant savings.
  • Wide variety of plugins. WordPress has a huge library of plugins which can extend the functionality of your web site. Instead of paying a developer to populate a photo gallery, for example, you could use a plugin to do it yourself.

Note that while WordPress has exceptional support and functionality, you may not need that much horsepower. There are a few other solid content management options with less complexity. These are particularly convenient if you will not require creation of additional pages. Ask me about them!

Developer Maintenance

I offer developer maintenance in various forms. You may choose to pay me by the hour for occasional updates, or by way of a retainer or an annual package for frequently-updated sites.

The benefits of developer maintenance over against WordPress or other CMS options include:

  • Helps ensure search engine recognition. If your site is always updated by someone like me who knows the rules, you will help ensure that your site stays competitive in search engine results.
  • Lower initial cost. Preparing a site for WordPress or other content management system adds to the cost of your initial project.
  • Verbal assistance. As a skilled copywriter, I’ll make sure your content “pops.”
  • Your time is also money. Focus on what makes you money.
  • Better site performance. Developers who routinely throw WordPress at every site no matter what the business requirements frequently overlook this factor. To get its functionality, WordPress has to be a big app, meaning higher demands on hosting and slower page loads for users.

I provide quality care and good value for your maintenance money. If you do decide on WordPress, be sure to use a premium, high speed hosting package such as I offer through Hard Rock Hosting.

Contact me today, and let's discuss what is best value for you.