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I Understand.

I’m not only an illustrator, designer, and developer. I have strong insight into church web sites, in particular.

In part, this is due to my own life and training. Due to my own personal history, I have a broad enough church background to have insight into an entire spectrum of church experiences. I also have an earned M. Div., and over a decade of experience in various forms of church leadership.

Beyond that, I cut my web development teeth on church sites. For several years, most of my clients were churches, and over that time I have increasingly honed my understanding regarding what works best on a variety of levels—visually, content-wise, and functionally.

What all this means is that if you are looking for a new church site (or a rebuild), you can be assured that you are dealing with someone who is not only competent, but who will understand the needs particular to your kind of project.

Church Discounts

I am a follower of Christ, and I not only recognize that many churches are not well-funded; I also try to use my skills in service of the kingdom.

In past years, I gave churches 5 or 10% discounts from my regular rates. More recently, however, I have moved away from anything resembling set packages, since what I can offer to different clients varies a great deal according to their needs.

Nonetheless, although I no longer advertise package rates or percentage-based discounts for churches, when I make site proposals for churches, my fees are invariably much lower than they would be for a comparable business site. You can expect my quote for your church is at least 20% lower than I would charge for a similar site that was not a church.

Recent Church Sites

I am frequently called upon to develop sites for churches, so keep watching this list as it gets updated.