My 2016 has been dominated by three large projects, although I have also done a few smaller ones.

The two big web projects I've completed have been:

  • CREC web site revamp: After about eight years, I did a full revamp and resturcture of the denominational web site for the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. The all-new design incorporated the recently-adopted logo and provides a fully responsive experience for users on all devices. I also did something of an imitation of a full stack developer by getting a new searchable church database up and running to make it easier for users to find a church in their area. View working site.
  • News Mutt: This news summary site is built on a WordPress foundation, and features a lot of robust coding, including drawing the latest stories from a variety of categories to feature on the front page. As with all my work, the design is all original. Its target audience is Christians and other viewers interested in matters of faith and liberty as well as general news. The site focuses on providing news summaries for those with little time. It is a non-subscription site aimed to develop full monetization through advertising revenue. View working site.

In addition to these web projects, I also published my first full-length novel, The Legend of the Dagger Prince, which is slated to be the first in a series called The Annals of Adamah. In addition to writing (under the pen name T. A. Gallant), I did the cover art and typesetting as well as other publishing tasks.