Branding Support

From simple logos to more comprehensive brand identity programs, my work in both graphic design and real-life communication will benefit you and your organization.

I offer:

  • Company/product naming
  • Logos
  • Identification of key themes and values
  • Visual cues and supporting graphics
  • Slogans and verbal themes
  • Color themes
  • Theme characters (CG/3D)
  • Company style guides

No More Mistaken Identity

The more diversified the marketplace becomes, the more important it is to develop a clear brand—an identity; a set of associations which people relate to you as a matter of course. The undifferentiated company or product is invisible in the marketplace; it vanishes into the thick air of competition.

While some agencies create fake personas for their clients, I focus on integrity-based communication. While I eagerly bring orginality to the table, my goal is to take your real strengths and values and build your brand around them.

Evolve Your Brand

On occasion, branding requires more evolution than revolution.

The Cone Consulting Group logo, for example, rightly implied stability, but the existing dull blue was bland. I invested a touch of aqua, and both the logo and web site exude a new warmth without losing the gravity necessary to the client's profession.

These are the sorts of choices that you and I can determine together, as your corporate identity evolves into something more powerful and suitable for your values and goals.

Let's start talking today about your values, and work on your branding project together.