The mold is broken.

I’m one of those people that doesn’t fit in any of the pigeon holes. I’m not really what people call “right-brained” or “left-brained.” My Masters degree is in Divinity; I have written books rooted in biblical studies; and I am a novelist. In person, I can manufacture puns as fast as I can quote Scripture. But I try not to mix those two pleasures. Much.

Tim and Kristi Gallant

The roadmap never existed.

I was born and bred on the wet, west coast of Canada, and raised throughout the four western provinces. Along the way, I picked up addictions to drawing, writing, and songwriting. I was raised to believe that God is big and the Bible matters. I still believe both.

I spent several adult years in the service industry, managing gas stations and learning how to serve people. In 1997–2000, I attended Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Indiana, graduated with honours, and have spent the years since in a variety of church roles.

Transition to the Design Business

Shortly after graduating from seminary, I wrote and self-published a book and thus commenced my typesetting career.

I also began to build web sites. Badly. I did it using cheap software and without knowing a lick of code. It didn’t matter in one sense—I was doing it for myself, and it was nothing more than a hobby. But my creative side has a bit of a perfectionist streak, and in 2004 I was both sufficiently frustrated and curious to learn HTML and CSS, and battle the demons of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I was hooked. In 2005, I launched what I then called Pactum Web Services, which ultimately evolved into Tim Gallant Creative. My client base started with one small church in Alabama, and I am both proud and grateful to say that our relationship continues to this day (I revamped their site in 2012).

I am now increasingly proficient in a spectrum of apps in Adobe Creative Suite. I do logos and single page print setup in Illustrator; advanced image editing in Photoshop; web site layout and image optimization in Fireworks; typesetting in InDesign; and web development in Dreamweaver. And I’m somewhat obsessed with simple, responsive design (check out my "designer site," The Nashville Web Designer, where I enjoy playing with CSS and various coding and design challenges, as well as about the web business).

Migration to Nashville

In 2011, I married a wonderful woman from Tennessee, and in April 2013 I said goodbye to Canada and moved to the Nashville area. My lovely wife Kristi and I live with the joy and challenge of raising nine heaven-raisers. I am richly blessed.