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Service Where You’re At

Looking for a personalized, high-value Nashville web design company?

I live in greater Nashville, and I am available for face-to-face consultation with local clients.

Of course, you don't need to be from Nashville to benefit from my services—I have satisfied partners spread across North America.

Check out more information on what I offer Nashville clients.

Let's Be Sensible ::
Web Sites Designed to Communicate, Not Just Impress

Don’t pay for overcomplication.

I make full use of a wide array of recent technology, such as jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3, and some of it really is “cool.”

But well-considered simplicity is timeless. I build for the genuine benefit of your business and your site’s visitors. Design is communication; I ensure your message gets out.


Integrated Media ::
Web & Print Unite

Bringing it all together #1:

Unify your brand and simplify your communications. I can handle all the web and print design work you are likely to need.

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Excellence from Mobile to Widescreen

Bringing it all together #2:

Responsive sites that smartly adapt to their surroundings, whether mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or widescreen monitor.

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Design, Implementation, Content & Search Engine Readiness

Bringing it all together #3:

Full-range core expertise: I offer beautifully designed, solidly-constructed sites, backed up with effective written content, and a sound basis for search engine optimization.


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You Like It Too

“The website is amazing! it is getting me many jobs—thanks again....”

“I can attest to your superb, fastidious work. I hope that all reading these lines will consider Tim’s company for book design, web design, typesetting and related tasks. His work is praiseworthy—and trustworthy.”

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Busy time here! I am releasing a new book this week, and a couple weeks ago I relaunched as a fully responsive, micro ecommerce site. In addition, I am working on designing and typesetting a 500 page book for a client.

To top it off, we are also closing on a house today and getting ready to move!

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